2015: half a billion documents processed on Gosocket. And in 2016, we are going for more!

In 2015 we made history. In this period, we surpassed half a billion documents processed on Gosocket, which positions the site as the largest open network based on E-Invoicing in Latin America.

So indicates Sergio Chaverri, CMO of Gosocket and Signature South Consulting, who after reaching a very symbolic figure for that period, launched another even more surprising goal for the current year:

during 2016, our goal is to reach 1 billion documents processed.

These figures by far overshadow 2011, when a group of Latin American visionaries created a social business network in Chile called Gosocket. Since then, this platform of electronic business-to-business (B2B) relationships, based on the exchange of E-Invoices, has not stopped reaping success in this country and the region.

Gosocket came to stay. It arrived with a unique proposal, connecting companies through structured E-Invoicing models, with a standard defined by the same tax entity which gives security to the origin of the transaction, and starting there proposed the use of technology and economies of collaboration for the financing of the companies in an agile and secure manner for all parties.

So, it is not rash to say that the figures will double in 2016. We are going for more!

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