New Billentis Market Report 2016

The 2016 edition of the Billentis E-Invoicing Market Report is now available on the Signature South Consulting website. For our clients and partners of our company, we offer it to them immediately at this link:

Among the prominent sponsors of this report from the Swiss Bruno Kosh are Signature South Consulting and several of our partners such as Basware, Esker and TrustWeaver.

Among some of the most relevant points, it can be summarized that “Latin American continues being the leader,” says Sergio Chaverri, CMO of Gosocket Corp and Signature. With regard to some of the countries of the region, Chile is recognized as the root of the Latin American model and its development. Chile has 200,000 companies registered as e-invoicing users, which represents 77% of total invoicing in the country.

Other markets, like Brazil and Mexico, are early adaptors and have already passed Chile, while there are others that are quickly evolving, like Peru.

On the other hand, with regard to companies of the region, it shows that Gosocket has taken advantage with its network concept that connects thousands of companies that not only conduct hundreds of millions of e-invoicing transactions in 10 countries in Latin America, but also offer financial services under a simple and effective modality.

Regarding Signature South Consulting, it shows that it is the only company capable of providing e-invoicing solutions with real knowledge and expertise in each country where it is present–it is in 10–and has been doing so since the regulations came about in the region in 2003.

Signature South Consulting is not only committed to providing its clients with quality solutions and services, but also with the global development of e-invoicing, sharing its knowledge with different entities and actors throughout the world, the company says.

Learn about ioFacturo, our new brand for SMEs of the region

In Signature South Consulting, we want to tell you that ioFacturo is now our new brand for Weblite solutions for SMEs on a regional level. It has to do with a tremendously consolidated brand in Mexico, where there are more than 13,000 SMEs using this solution.

Because of the strong market penetration of the brand in the Aztec country, upon joining the group in 2015, we decided to maintain the name ioFacturo, making this from now on the solution for SMEs in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay (using the same web invoicing system within Gosocket). The solutions in Brazil and Costa Rica maintain the current name, while in Argentina and Guatemala there is not yet a solution.

One of the great advantages of ioFacturo is the capacity that it offers to all types of businesses, also considering the taxpayers that invoice personally.  This infinite scalability allows clients to grow without needing to change e-invoicing providers since the ioFacturo services can easily adapt to their necessities.

The Gosocket – ioFacturo alliance generated last year allowed for the issuance of invoices directly from the Gosocket profile upon downloading the corresponding gadget in our marketplace. By using the gadget, you obtain:

  • Emission of e-invoices, fee receipts, rental receipts, donation receipts, pay slips, debit or credit notes, shipping invoice or transport invoices.
  • A direct link to your Gosocket outbox.
  • Visualization of your sent electronic invoices from your Gosocket profile online or using our mobile app.

Fintech chilena presenta ante líderes mundiales en Exchange Summit

Just a few hours ago, Gosocket and Signature South Consulting were protagonists of the most relevant event for the global e-invoicing community: Exchange Summit Americas, which was held June 7th and 8th in Orlando, USA.

Within the presentations, a Chilean fintech presented a case study to world leaders about new technological tendencies and how to help companies with their financing through the exchange of e-invoices.” (You can see it in “Case Study Chile”: ). We refer to Mario Fernández, CEO of Gosocket, who presented the Chilean case study under the title Latin America Compliance 2.0, Supply Chain Finance, explaining how e-invoicing can provide solutions to the organizations in the new digital era, and for companies of any size.

We show real cases of companies that achieved advantages in compliance and financial aspects in ten countries in Latin America thanks to Gosocket and the support it lends to financial institutions making them more efficient, adds Fernández.

For his part, Sergio Chaverri, CMO of Gosocket Corp and Signature, adds that this type of event helps us position ourselves as leaders in the Latin American e-invoicing industry and to share our experiences with important actors in the USA, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, it confirms that our vision of financing for companies through Pay-me-Now on Gosocket is highly accepted and can be scalable in the future to a global level. 

More details about the event at:

Training the accounts in Colombia

On May 24th in Bogotá, Colombia, at the Instituto Nacional de Contadores Públicos (INCP), the chat called “Optimizing business management with the e-invoice” was held with the participation of more than 30 accountants who represent companies from various industrial sectors.

The event served to demonstrate the benefits of the financial process of companies, how the DIAN pilot that began in April is advancing with 60 companies and how the companies should prepare with the new regulation. This, keeping in mind that the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MinCIT) has not issued the e-invoicing decree as title value which is a prerequisite so that the DIAN issues the regulation regarding the obligatory nature, says Enrique Cabrera, a representative of Signature Colombia.

Several of the attendees were thankful for the included topics since they understood the new concepts like the invoice in UBL 2.0 format, the associated graphic representation, the CUFE (Unique E-Invoice Code), the function of the digital certificate, the report acknowledging reception of documents, among others.

Panama joins e-invoicing

The Dirección General de Ingresos (DGI) announced the hiring of the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations for the design, construction and implementation of e-invoicing.

With this, we look to strengthen the control and fiscal intelligence functions directed to diminishing the levels of incompletion, evasion and tax fraud.

The DGI estimates that with the operation of this tool, the institution will be able to enjoy the benefits that e-invoicing already offers in other countries. Some of them are: strengthening and facilitating the e-commerce businesses, reduce printing, distribution, validation and storage costs of paper invoices. It also mentions that it looks to diminish the unfair competition and facilitate the detection of false invoices.

More details on our blog:

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