Basware in México: Outotec

A few weeks ago, Basware y Signature South Consulting closed an agreement to work together in Mexico and Ecuador, after doing it a few years ago in Brazil. Just a few weeks later, our first client together in Mexico went into production. It is the company Outotec, which implemented the solutions for the reception process.

The Finnish Basware, with Headquarters in New Jersey (for the Americas), is one of the leading companies globally in E-Invoicing and E-Procurement, being the first European partner of Signature South Consulting, an alliance that has been in affect since 2011.

They support Latin America through us, making us the only ones in the world that support all of the region (10 countries where there is E-Invoicing legislation), says Sergio Chaverri, CMO of Signature.

A few days ago, executives from Signature met with their Basware counterparts, including the CEO, to extend relations, oversee future matters of cooperation, market strategies, leverage services of both companies and explain Gosocket, which is making a lot of noise in a lot of countries.

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