Certificaciones en Colombia

Signature looks to continuously improve its processes and client attention, and one way to achieve this is through international certifications. For some time, Signature has been working on the Information Security Certification ISO 27001 that provides an added value at the regional level, while Signature has had the ISO 9001 since 2012, which is associated with Quality Management.

The first is an international norm that describes how to manage the security of information in a company. This standard will be de mandatory compliance for the Technological Providers in Colombia between the fourth quarter of 2015 and the first of 2016. This norm has nearly 130 controls that companies related to Information Security should comply with.

For its part, the ISO 9001 is an international norm that we already have and that applies to quality management systems. It centers around having an effective system that allows the administration and improvement of the quality of the products and services.

The clients favor providers that have this accreditation because that way, they assure that the selected company offers a system of good quality, says Enrique Cabrera, commercial manager in Colombia.

Every six months, a certificating agent conducts an audit with the objective of assuring the compliance of the conditions that norm ISO 9001 imposes. This way, the clients of the registered companies free themselves of the bothers of worrying about the quality control of their providers and, at the same time, these providers only have to submit to one audit, instead of various audits from different clients.

In spite of its strictness, in Signature Colombia we have been able to standardize not just the Commercial Processes, Implementation, E-Invoicing Service and Support, and Maintenance, but also the financial and administrative personnel that serve as support for our business, adds the executive.

Of the weaknesses that are detected in the management it is possible to organize an action plan that generates opportunities for adjustment in our solutions so that they are more robust. The client receives the most benefit since we take advantage of their feedback to measure the aspects that we should align in the growth of the organization.

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