Moderating at the eCommerceDAY Bogota 2015

On Wednesday, October 14, Signature was a protagonist at eCommerceDAY Bogota 2015. Enrique Cabrera, the Commercial Manager of Signature Colombia and VP of the Comisión Capacitación y Educación de la Cámara Colombiana de Comercio Electrónico (CCCE), or training and education commission of the Colombian chamber of e-commerce, was the chair of the panel “How to propel my e-commerce with E-Invoicing.” Approximately 70 people attended the talk, including entrepreneurs, business people from online stores and providers of e-commerce solutions.

Among the ideas raised in the context of evangelization were “characteristics and benefits for online stores and their clients”, “differences and obligations of having an invoice by computer versus and E-Invoice”, “the impact of the current regulations and the changes that have been established for 2016 from both the tax and commercial perspectives”, and “keys to establishing whether E-Invoicing should be in-house or to contract a technological provider as a base for the optimization of the production of the businesses.”

It was interesting leading an interaction with the public pertaining to the characteristics of E-Invoicing in which it became evident that there is a large lack of awareness since many confuse the digital invoice in PDF format with the E-Invoice,” says Cabrera.

The event was transmitted online to all of Latin America. More details can be found at

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