Release of book about the business network and the new form of B2B networking

La Facturación Electrónica y la Red Empresarial (Electronic Invoicing and the Business Network), this was the name that Mario Fernández, CEO of Gosocket and Signature South Consulting, chose for his second book, which is now available on Amazon.

Continuing topics in his previous book, the entrepreneur says that he misread the future by believing that the integration between countries that have legislation for Electronic Invoicing was coming. Before this, online networking of companies came about, and in which thousands of those in Latin America–as a control mechanism imposed by the authorities–also interact digitally with their customers and suppliers through sent and received electronic invoices.

In spite of this and the technological revolution that has changed the paradigms of how people communicate with each other, for Fernández there is still a long road ahead, and he still considers the manner in which companies interact to be archaic and disconnected.

Bruno Koch, international pioneer and analyst in electronic invoicing and CEO of Billentis, points out in the prologue the leadership of Latin America in said subject, and how in this book you can also find a very simple and realistic analysis of the operating necessities of the SMEs, which represents the primary focus of the business network.

Mario Fernández, Information Systems Engineer, came to Chile almost two decades ago, and from here he built two companies that are already present in 10 countries in the region. He has spoken at different e-commerce events, he has even presented at the International Chamber of Commerce in Geneva, Switzerland.

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