Signature participates in Esker Americas User Conference

On September 13th and 14th the Esker Americas User Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, USA event was held in which Signature South Consulting participated with a privileged position thanks to the alliance that it has with this company, consisting in support for all of the e-invoicing legislation in Latin America for Esker.

In effect, since the end of 2015, Signature has had a global agreement with this company of French origin which has subsidiaries in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and several European countries.

This activity included the attendance of 300 people among which were global Esker companies and executives. Sergio Chaverri, CMO of Signature and who represented the company, comments that…

This event positions us in another instance as the leaders of Latin America. Many Global Directors attended the event who admit that they are even fearful of reviewing the details of Latin America since there is not a company they can trust on the subject. Now, this alliance with Esker as a global supplier allows them to achieve it. We also took advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of Signature to cover this region to the executives of Esker and that way they can transmit it to their clients.

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