Stats of companies in Peru and financing opportunities through Gosocket

94,92% of companies in the country are microenterprises whose annual sales are less than $172,000 USD. Then, 4,11% can be found in the small enterprises segment (annual sales of up to $1.8 million USD), and 0,6% are medium or large enterprises. The remaining 0,36% correspond to public administration.

According to geographic distribution, 47,1% of the total economic units are located in the Lima and Callao provinces, confirming the level of business concentration in these regions, which is expressed in the productive structure of the country. Then come Arequipa and La Libertad with 5,78% and 5,21% respectively. Meanwhile, 46,69% of the companies in the country conduct economic activity related to wholesale and retail.

This data justifies the necessity that alternative financial tools exist and are tested for MSMEs. It is very difficult for a company in procedural and evidentiary terms, such as being creditworthy, at the time of applying for financing from a bank, says Diego Orantes, from Signature Peru.

E-factoring based on electronic invoices as it is known in Peru, fulfills an immediate access to obtain liquidity in little time, with only one guarantee: the e-invoice, which has the characteristics to be considered a title enforceable value.

We are already working to make the option, that Gosocket is an accessible market tool for Peruvian MSMEs and for any company issuing electronic documents that has this type of necessity, a reality, adds Orantes.

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