The legal deadline for urban SMEs to implement e-invoicing has passed

In Chile, on Monday, August 1st, the legal deadline passed for small and medium companies located in urban zones to begin invoicing electronically, a system to which more than 90,000 SMEs throughout the country have integrated.

In accordance with the law that established the gradual incorporation of different segments of companies to the e-invoicing system, the taxpayers required to issue tax documents in electronic format beginning last week are small and medium companies located in urban sectors with revenues between 2,400 UF and 100,000 UF; this includes a total of 119,956 SMEs.

As of last Friday, thousands of taxpayers belonging to this segment had yet to be incorporated into the system, which brought the PPD Senator, Eugenio Tuma, also a member of the Pro Pyme legislative group, to present a project in June asking for a six month extension which was denied.

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