The Projects and Consultants Department: reducing risks and complying with project times as principal objectives

We found Rodrigo O’Ryan in the middle of teamwork activities and talks which his team attends to broaden their project management vision. These are improvements that help to consolidate his Projects and Consultants team, which he leads as the manager in Chile.

We look for an atmosphere of collaboration, creativity, a storm of ideas, problem resolution, and teamwork. Motivating the area by attending a workshop about managing organized projects by the PMO CLUB, which positively influences our organization, he says.

With 11 months at the company, this MTB (mountain bike) fanatic, adds that at Signature they have implemented Project Server 2013, a tool that will allow them to have total control of the projects and services that they carry out in Chile and that, soon, they will implement for those projects that they carry out in Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay.

The benefits of implementing Project Server 2013, other than having more control of the projects, is that it allows us as a company to have complete order and backup of the documentation for the projects, achieving a more fluid communication with every department of our company, obtaining immediate control of each process that is being completed in the project. Currently, we have a volume of 60 active projects and services and more than 30 projects in production”, adds Rodrigo O’Ryan.

Among his functions regarding clients are presenting the tools for a good execution of the projects, planning, detecting the risks, defining a vision and communicate it, and looking for a plan B in case the project has a risk.

We coexist with uncertainty and risk: there are never 100% of the conditions that we would like for our project. There is always something that is not ideal, there is always a risk, and these cause detours, where we should have the capacity to be flexible and have the appropriate strategy to achieve a successful project outcome.

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